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Sophie's Garden
This room was really easy for me.  Rachael, Sophie's Mom, already knew exactly what she wanted.  She had done a room really similar in her previous home.  The only change was...where Sophie had a mural predominantly on one wall in her old room....we were going to go all the way around this one!   The design was the same except for the addition of a clothesline.
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Theme Rooms
I free handed the design in this room and luckily, I only had to paint trees, birds, clothes and a few flowers.  Rachael painted and outlined flowers for days!!!  (What we'll do for our children!) 
This room was painted with big girl furniture in mind.  Rachael is phasing out the nursery and shopping for an  ornate iron bed for Sophie.  Look for new pictures of this sweet room in the near future!
This is Sophie and Cori chatting on a bench under one of two trees in Sophie's Garden!
Rachael should be a decorator--this bathroom is to die for!  I only made her a cardboard flower stencil and let her borrow some round toys of Cori's for the ladybug---she did the rest!  It is every little girl's dream bath!
These are close-ups of the table John and I made and painted for Sophie's 1st Birthday. 
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