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Sophie's Playroom
This is my favorite room so far.  Sophie's Mom, Rachael, and I both love red gingham and we both wanted the room to be something fun and outdoorsie.  I had already drawn the design on paper when the "picnic" theme hit me.  I was so excited to have a neat way to tie in the red gingham.  I transferred my drawing to a transparency and rented a projector to get it on the wall quickly.  We painted for days.  Rachael had pillows and curtains made and added the black gingham and it is fabulous!

We are not completely finished with the room.  It is missing clouds on the ceiling, which will drop down onto the wall over the bridge and we are having a child's wooden picnic table built, which we will paint red, and put in the center of the room. 

There is a nice wooden toybox in one corner that I didn't get a picture of.  Rachael had it built, painted it red and red and black gingham cushions and pillows make it a comfy place to hang out in this fun playroom.

As soon as we finish---I will add the final pictures.
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Theme Rooms
Here's the picnic table Cori and I built for Sophie for her birthday!  No new pictures of the room yet!
Sophie and Cori playing while we painted!
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